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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Won't an outsider disrupt my business and workflow? We're too busy to have interruptions. A: No we partner with you at your convenience. Our presence is careful and measured. We will not get in your way.


Q: We have a very unique business, how can you possibly know how we operate to be able to help us? A: With over 25 years of change management expertise, we are confident that we can help. We appreciate the importance of firm culture…we are ever mindful of making a first impression and then living up to that impression. We will earn your business!


Q: Do you have experts in every type of business there is? A: We are experts in support services productivity analysis, training and implementation. Our expertise includes working for fortune 500, regional and smaller organizations. At FMTECH.US, LLC…”Efficiency is efficiency and everyone requires the best possible ROI”.


Q: Are you going to come into my company and tell me how to run my own business? A: In a word,” no”! We will provide you with the tools to operate your business more effectively. Typically, it is the support services side of an operation that needs our help, not the core business areas where our clients are the experts.


Q: Can you give me some references, the names of other companies that you've worked for, so I can contact them. A: We provide a confidential service for clients. In fact, we sign a confidentiality agreement that we take very seriously. Some business owners do not want it known that they've used a management consulting firm to assist them. We respect their feelings. Some clients, however, allow us to describe our history of work with them. References are included with all proposals.


Q: We've been in business for years and we know all about our business. How can your consultants help us?

A: You should know your business very well. However, knowing it so well, you may be too close to the forest tosee the trees. In other words, can you recognize your problems? What you need is an outside viewpoint from an impartial organization that will look at your company objectively.


Q: Why should I have you look at my company when I'm satisfied with the profit we're making? A: Complacency has destroyed more prosperous companies than any other business attitude. Very few people are ever truly satisfied with the money they are making or the level of success of their company. And they shouldn't be if they want to continue to be successful. Are all of the departments in your business making money and contributing to the company's success, or don't you know? Would your employees reject an increase in earnings? We offer a trademark process called {M.E.W.A.}™Maximum Efficiency Workflow Application to ensure retention of your staff and increase their earnings.


Q: How can you help my company when we don't allow outsiders in our plant because of proprietary methods in use.

A: We are not interested in the technical details of your operations. Our services focus on those portions of your business that typically do not include secret processes. In addition, every one of our employees are non-disclosed. Most important, our interest in maintaining our reputation is your best insurance that all confidences will be respected and maintained.


Q: My company is relatively small. Will you be able to help a business our size? A: Every company, no matter what the size, has some problem areas. In any size company, there should be

room for practical ideas that improve operations and make the business better.


Q: At our firm no two support services jobs are the same. How could you help us? A: Your business costs are more than labor and production. While the items you produce may always be

different, you still have estimating, pricing, inventory, shipping and indirect labor functions. Also, consider the management functions such as organization, policies, facilities, methods and personnel that could benefit from improvements.

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