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About Company, LLC is a provider of consultative solutions for business services. In other words we will provide a map to substantially decrease the cost and increase the production of departmental mail, copy, records, and office staffing. Solutions includes {M.E.W.A.}Maximum Efficiency Workflow Application, possessing for all support services personal and office equipment.


The focus is results. There is no other secret to success. Your success is achieved when all definitive and measurable goal, (s) are met. The goal, (s) is agreed to in advance and in writing. You grade our performance every step of the way.

·         For consulting...If you are not satisfied with our performance you pay only for the expenses associated with our travel.

·         For staffing…contracts are annualize... Our business is built on these narrow terms. “We are only as good as our last job". You are not locked in.

Personnel, LLC management are some of the most highly trained and educated industry project management professionals available. Our teams utilize an innovative process to deliver. The results are measurable, according to specifications, and make the desired difference on how your business is run., LLC, is committed to continuing development and improvement of our product and your results., LLC will close the gap that represents your unrealized corporate goals and initiatives

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